Need something to do to past the time while your in the house? Want to start exploring your right brain (creative side)? Looking to start a business in jewelry but want to test it out first? LOOK NO MORE & try this boredom-buster out while in stock! 


For a limited time, we have created a jewelry craft box complete with everything you need to accessorize and stand out. 


What's in the box:

  • 1 Queen Necklace
  • 2 - 3 inch Earrings
  • 2 Brooch Pins
  • Bonus Pair of Africa Earring Studs
  • 2 Paint Brushes
  • 1 Primary Paint Set (8 Colors)  or 1 All Colors Paint Set (16 Colors)
  • 1 of a kind My Melanin Crafts Custom craft Box


Enjoy it and want more? More paint there jewelry? Head over to our sister site, The Clearest Cuts, to purchase more wood jewelry blanks! There are over 100 choices to choice from!

Jewelry Mini Craft Box

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    Waldorf, MD 20602